Coronavirus Monitor For Workplaces And Communities Built On Blockchain To Aid Fight The Pandemic

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The Coronavirus outbreak caused widespread panic worldwide, with new cases reported daily. The United States was the new hotspot for the virus, as nearly 4000 new cases were discovered yesterday.

Blockchain technology has served as the unlikely hero during these difficult times as the Public Health Blockchain Consortium announced a series of monitoring features on the new age technology.

According to the developers, the monitoring blockchain verification system will scan workplaces and communities for virus-free zones. The technology inbuilt into it will check for high-risk viruses, bacteria, and fungi that may result in life-threatening diseases. The adoption of blockchain technology in such a mainstream problem speaks volumes about how far the industry has come.

Ayon Hazra, the Chief Executive Officer [CEO] of Qlikchain was one of the officials associated with PHBC. Qlikchain will serve as the administrator for the PHBC and offer support and assistance on the technical front. Hazra was also quoted as saying:

“Unlike traditional infectious disease surveillance that focuses on infected persons, this is a system that monitors the movement of uninfected persons instead, with a view to restricting their return if they have passed through areas known to be infected. Those areas without validated reports of contamination are elevated to safe zone status.”

The features inbuilt into the PHBC will enable it to identify zones with and without validated incident reports. The company plans to integrate real-time information from virus surveillance providers with AI and something called the Geographical Information System [GIS]. The GIS works as a framework for gathering, managing and analyzing data across spectrums.

Security checks at borders have multiplied ever since the Coronavirus spread and the PHBC aimed to ease that process. The blockchain linked to the PHBC will store a workplace or community’s protection certificate provided by government bodies. Communities can also provide isolated places of residence to incoming visitors. These visitors are anonymously monitored on a routine basis.

PHBC and everyone associated with it are planning to make it a global mainstream solution. The team also decided to present the one-year impact of technology at the WHO meeting in the coming weeks. The PHBC monitoring blockchain was first introduced last month to much furor. Multiple officials from the HR department and senior housing representative will also join the PHBC workforce.

Cases related to Coronavirus have spiked across the world with US and Italy becoming the focal regions. The only good news that came out of this chaos was that Wuhan reported no new cases for the first time since the outbreak started. There have also been reports that scientists across the globe were very close to creating a vaccine, but with no release date in sight.