Ethereum-based social network, Sapien, reveals a new partnership

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Ethereum-based social network, Sapien,
recently announced a number of upcoming updates in regard to its platform, one
of which is a new partnership. According to the announcement, Sapien is
partnering up with an IEO project known as Matic Network.

In a recent interview with Cointelegraph, Sapien Network’s co-founder and
CEO, Ankit Bhatia, revealed that the company is ready to launch the next
release of its platform — Alpha Persei.

The platform has been in development for
months, and it is a completely revamped platform across the board, as Bhatia
said. Bhatia then also highlighted several new aspects that the platform has to
offer, including the new wallet called Portis, that is built into it, as well
as e new rewards system that was included into the engine after reconstruction.

The new partnership with Matic Network will
also go down shortly, and Bhatia commented on that as well, stating that Sapien
is using Matic sidechains, which are plasma-based PoS chains, to power the
charging of the platform and its internal promotions.

What this means is that it will for sending
transactions instead of the project’s own MainNet. It will power regular
payments, tips, high-quality comments and posts, and more. In fact, according
to Bhatia, it will be the infrastructure that the company wants to build on,
and one that has far more advanced ability to scale than the project’s MainNet

The scalability problem is far from being new
in the crypto industry, and each project has been trying to tackle it in its
own way. Some established projects, like Ethereum, have made significant
progress, although it is still questionable whether or not that would be

Meanwhile, new, innovative projects are coming up with their own new solutions. With new solutions constantly emerging, many are leaving established networks such as that of Ethereum and seeking out better options, which is the case with Sapien and Matic Network.