Is New York Coin (NYC) The Most Undervalued Crypto In The World?

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Most of you probably have never heard of New York Coin (symbol: NYC), even though NYC is an original open-source cryptocurrency that was launched back in early 2014. New York Coin is actually older than Ethereum, which launched over a year later in 2015. New York Coin is open-source code that was published at Github by an unknown developer(s) back when New York regulators were targeting the Bitcoin community and aggressively prosecuting Charlie Shrem, the founder of BitInstant. New York Coin is lightning fast, confirming transactions every 30 seconds, and is completely free to send and receive worldwide. Despite it’s name, New York Coin is not a regional coin. New York Coin is a free worldwide money transfer system and a no cost merchant services solution available to retailers worldwide. With a proven 6 year old blockchain and active development. But New York Coin currently has an undiscovered market capitalization hovering around just $1 Million USD. Yes, you read that correctly, a completely free worldwide money transfer system that is valued at $1 Million. Let’s compare New York Coin cryptocurrency to some other more widely recognized coins.

Litecoin (symbol: LTC) is an obvious comparison, since both use the exact same proof-of-work scrypt hashing algorithm to verify transactions on their network and also share similar specs. This is no surprise since New York Coin is a fork of Litecoin. Litecoin was launched in 2011 by Charlie Lee, an ex-Google software engineer, as an improvement to Bitcoin – the most widely recognized cryptocurrency. Litecoin reduced Bitcoin’s transaction confirmation time to just 2.5 minutes, compared to Bitcoin’s 10 minute block time. And reduced fees significantly to send and receive funds on network compared to Bitcoin which launched two years earlier in 2009 by an unknown developer(s) known only by the pseudonym, Satoshi Nakamoto. New York Coin is 5 times faster to confirm than Litecoin, confirming transactions every 30 seconds. And New York Coin has completely eliminated Litecoin’s fees. Same hashing algorithm, the way computers verify transactions on the network, much faster and completely free to send and receive worldwide. Yet Litecoin’s market cap is in the Billions USD while New York Coin, an improved version of Litecoin, hovers around $1 Million USD. Let’s compare another.

Monero (symbol: XMR) is another popular cryptocurrency with a market cap hovering around $1 Billion USD. Monero launched in April 2014, one month after New York Coin. Monero offers some additional privacy features by using an obfuscated blockchain ledger which makes it more difficult to determine the source and destination of transactions. Besides it’s privacy features, Monero specs are nearly identical to Litecoin in both block time (2 minutes) and fees to send/receive funds on network; except during times of heavy network congestion when fees on the Monero network have skyrocketed similar to Bitcoin. New York Coin confirms transactions 4 times faster than Monero and eliminates fees to send and receive funds. Monero appears better suited for the money-laundering crowd, but as far as worldwide remittances and retail-level merchant services, New York Coin codebase provides a superior transaction speed and fee structure for both. Monero and New York Coin both have a proven blockchain for 6 years and counting. Yet New York Coin market capitalization hovers around just $1 Million USD while Monero currently sports a market valuation 1,000 times higher. How about looking at yet another.

DASH (symbol: DASH) which was formerly Darkcoin has been around since early 2014. With a transaction confirmation time around 2.5 minutes and slightly lower fees than Litecoin and Monero. DASH is currently valued around $1 Billion USD. There are really no other features to speak of that differentiate DASH from the crowd. New York Coin is over 5 times faster to send and receive funds worldwide, eliminates fees completely and it’s codebase enables much more sustainable, energy-efficient mining than any other cryptocurrency available. Yet New York Coin currently possesses a tiny, undiscovered market valuation which is 1/1,000th that of DASH.

Zcash (symbol: ZEC), launched in late 2016 is yet another very popular cryptocurrency with a market valuation in the many hundreds of Million USD. Zcash offers similar privacy features to Monero, obfuscating transactions on their blockchain to hide the source and destination of transactions. Zcash fees have fluctuated since launch, between very low and completely free, recently reverting back to a no fee network. Zcash has also recently cut their transaction confirmation speed in half, from 2.5 minutes down to 1.25 minutes. It’s nice to see other popular cryptocurrencies such as Zcash validating New York Coin’s amazing specs which have been part of the NYC codebase for the past 6 years. Even after these very recent improvements to Zcash’s specs, New York Coin still confirms transactions 150% faster. Which makes New York Coin a much more viable solution for worldwide retail-level transactions.

As you can clearly see, the New York Coin ( ) network and codebase offer a superior solution for both worldwide remittances and retail-level merchant services worldwide. Lightning-fast and completely free, along with a 6 year proven blockchain and sustainable, energy-efficient mining. And always completely open-source code. Currently valued at just $1 Million USD,

Charlie Kartchner, Crypto Writer
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New York Coin may indeed be the most undervalued cryptocurrency in the world.

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