MHEX Originates Proof of Mortgage (PoM) Blockchain Asset Trading Platform

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SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE / ACCESSWIRE / March 22, 2020 / while the specialization of the platform team has become a common trend, the large digital currency exchanges have mastered most of their resources. However, geeks believe that we are still in the early stage of blockchain development. With good ideas and timing for different playings, the emerging digital currency exchange has a good chance of overtaking the industry.

In the recent years, digital currency exchanges have experienced several reshuffles, only a few of which can survive the “bear market”, while many of the old exchanges have fallen into a depressed market. The three pioneers’ exchanges namely Huobi, Binance, and OKEX have withstood the changes in the market. On the other hand, BIKI and MXC have been catching up with each other. At present, the above-mentioned exchanges have divided the whole market share.

After these fierce competition and shuffling, there are still new exchanges entering the market, which also explains MHEX’s entry to this field.

MHEX Exchange

MHEX is a trading platform dedicated to the transaction of blockchain assets. It was created by the Blockchain Foundation of Singapore with more secure and convenient blockchain asset exchange services. The world’s leading secure digital asset trading platform is created and operated by professional teams from China, Singapore, South Korea, Japan and Hong Kong, China. It provides digital asset trading services for global users, including a variety of mainstream digital currencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, etc., and uses technologies such as cold storage and multi-encryption bank security standards to ensure the security and stability of virtual currency transactions, and is committed to creating the most professional digital asset trading platform for enthusiasts from all over the world.

Because trading exchanges are the core of this industry, MHEX team chose to establish MHEX exchanges to connect the whole MHEX ecosystem. The so-called good platform needs to be ambitious enough, and the strategic layout must be high from the beginning. Today, the chaos in the blockchain industry has caused many discontent and complaints, and people are eager to solve these problems and put the industry back on track.

The consistency mechanism of POM (Proof of Mortgage) is adopted in MHEX, which selects random nodes from blocks to ensure that the probability is proportional to the verifiable resources of nodes. Considering that this is the longest consensus chain, it is necessary to master 50 confirmed blocks to make the resource status higher than the normal percentage. As the saying goes, a mortgage helps to keep the balance sheet, as long as one doesn’t do bad things, as long as no one profits from a false balance sheet, it can bring wealth.

PoM consensus algorithm mechanism can be described as a kind of currency mortgage mining. Users need to pledge a comparable USDM on the platform when mining airdrop tokens, whether the project party succeeds or not. MHEX will also guarantee that the rights and interests of USDM. At the same time, the project party will also provide quality flow to create turnover rate and sales volume.

MHEX is the first country in the world to establish a PoM consensus mechanism with the global original blockchain asset trading platform. The platform has obtained tens of millions of rounds of angel equity financing, including BlockVC, MatrixOne, Blockgeeks, LuneX, GoldenGate Ventures, etc.

As an entrepreneurial project in the blockchain industry, MHEX has established a special service project for the entity. Projects on the platform are subject to strict review of MHEX standards, strict entry barriers and operational requirements. It allows MHEX users to access high-quality projects early in development, while ensuring their continued development. MHEX adopts advanced multi-layer and multi cluster system architecture. The multi-layer edified architecture aims to significantly improve the performance, security, stability and scalability of the system, and maximize the end-user experience.

The MHEX platform itself is its landing project

MHEX will launch a currency exchange system, an exchange-based currency that can predict investors’ interests.

The trading platform will launch a substantial on-site application, unlike many white papers that depict the future of digital currency projects to investors. For investors, MHEX exchange based coins are naturally a very safe and high-quality asset. When the liquidity of the platform reaches a certain level, MHEX will introduce the function of anonymous trading, create a decentralized trading platform, which is guaranteed by MHEX’s own trading platform

MT will be the face and advertising element of the platform

MHEX will issue a total of 100 billion MT, and 23% of tokens will be distributed to community node creators through smart contracts. At the same time, MT holders share various rights of community governance. Obviously, the trading platform will have more control than most ordinary projects in the market, to ensure that its value and market value management ability are not affected by regular destruction events, so as to limit the total amount of tokens in circulation.

MHEX platform coin has two value advantages: it is not only the rights and interests of the trading platform, but also the consumption point card or coupon within the platform. In other words, holding exchange-based coins has the same investment. The most attractive sight is undoubtedly the platform currency. The bear market has never fallen below the issue price of the platform currency alone. Although there are many modes in the crypto market, the most striking one is the coin-based exchange.

With the change of the environment, the whole cryptocurrency industry will eventually become as formal as the traditional financial market. MHEX exchange will become the leader of the change, and it will face great opportunities and challenges. Let’s look forward to MHEX for a new level of exchange!

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