Ripple CEO Reveals How Coronavirus Has Affected His Company

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The coronavirus epidemic has proven to be detrimental to both big and small businesses. According to Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse, his company prioritizes the health of its workers, which is why they now from remotely. However, Ripple continues to serve its customers in this critical time. 

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Helping those in need

Despite joining the work-from-home tech crowd, Ripple is still determined to give a helping hand to those in need. Garlinghouse says that they are ‘doing everything they can’ to let individuals send cross-border payments to their loved ones. 

The San Francisco-based blockchain company was recently recognized as one of the leaders in the cross-border payment industry alongside its numerous partners such as MoneyGram.  

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Uncharted waters 

Garlinghouse has also mentioned that the global economy is in ‘uncharted waters’ due to the coronavirus crisis. That said, he also believes that the markets are historically resilient enough to recover. 

Investor Bill Ackman recently suggested that President Donald Trump should shut down the entire country to prevent a string of back-to-back bankruptcies. Otherwise, America ‘as we know it’ could end.