ZCash (ZEC) Might Shock and Pump Up the Game “Forget Bitcoin and Meet ZCash”

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ZCash is a cryptocurrency, a lot like Bitcoin, and it facilitates a groundbreaking technology that can reshape the world.

The Zcash reward distribution process has undergone some severe questioning as only a small sample has taken place.

However, a concept doing the rounds is that the current market crisis has a reason to reignite the interest in ZCash and also Monero. This idea has been triggered by Ethereum world news.

Sydney Ifergan, the Crypto Expert, tweeted:  “The demand for Privacy Coins like ZCash is here to stay.  It is probable for a renewed interest in privacy coins to happen. People prefer privacy all the time, but during the crisis times even more!”

ZCash (ZEC) Privacy Coins to become Popular

It just looks like the privacy coins will once again become popular because several governments are beginning to use phone data to track many of them who are exposed to the Coronavirus.

The trending ideal that seems to buy to the ideals of ZCash is that the privacy of many citizens from across different countries is at stakes and that their governments are making use of phone surveillance technology to identify the movements.

Isreal, Iran, and China have been making use of phone surveillance technology per EWN to track the spread of the virus.

It is expected that the privacy debate might rekindle interest in the privacy coins like that of ZCash (ZEC) and Monero (XMR).

In the current scenario, it is expected that the privacy coins might stand to benefit.

ZCash (ZEC) Aficionados Think 2020 is the year for Privacy Coins

The recent rally for Zcash was good, and the short-term movements have induced positive ideals about Zcash among the Zcash enthusiasts.  They stick to their long-term vision of privacy being the future. The ZEC has been up by more than 8 percent recently, and it is considered to be a significant and useful sigh in the current market scenario. All this because the privacy coin focuses a lot of anonymity, and the transactions seem to be very difficult to track.

It is expected that the ZCash might shock a lot of people.  Investors opine that Zcash might be pumping up in the game. Investors are learning in between the lines of fundamental and technical indicators to understand the moves.