Bitcoin CoT report data is once again mixed

Fibo Quantum

  • Asset Managers are net short 316 vs 218 and the net change also favours short positions.
  • The leveraged fund are also net short but the short positions were cut by 172 contracts vs 134 longs added.

Asset managers still seem to think the short side will be more fruitful according to data collected last week. The group are still net short and added yet more short contracts to their books overall. 

Leveraged funds are also still in favour of the short side in total but the change in positioning this week reflects the rally we have seen in the digital gold (bitcoin). The net change over the last week showed that the funds cut short positions by 172 contracts and added 134 longs. It will be interesting to see who comes out on top in the long term as the price of BTC futures already moved higher this week.

Next month the Bitcoin halving is also set to take place so look out for some positioning ahead of that as it has been noted by most analysts that it generally leads to an increase in the price.