Litecoin LTC and Bitcoin BTC rewards for Shopping online with Google Chrome Extension

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Being one of the leading cryptocurrencies in the market, they continue to be focused on the state of art blockchain technologies for the good of society.  The price of the Litecoin continues to be limited to the upside, as there is a clear barrier at the psychological mark.

Litecoin Foundation tweeted:  “We are pleased to announce our partnership with BitcoinrewardsU! Now you can earn Litecoin by shopping online.”

The BitcoinrewardsU is a “$360 million dollars in Litecoin and Bitcoin” for grabs during the economic crisis.  The young startup has been working very closely working with Charlie Lee and the team from Litecoin Foundation over the past few months.

The deal is that people who shop online using Google Chrome extension will get Litecoin and Bitcoin in rewards.  Under the current social and economic conditions, it is considered to be a deal to earn free LTC and BTC by shopping online.

The process starts with downloading the Google Chrome Extension, which takes less than 30 seconds.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert, tweeted: “Nice deal about getting Litecoin and Bitcoin for shopping using the Google Chrome extension. Better than reward points in other platforms for online shopping.”

Previously, about a month ago, Litecoin Foundation partnered with MeconCash to integrate Litecoin Cash into their M.Pay Platform.  Thus, it paved the way for Litecoin (LTC) to be withdrawn to Korean Won (KRW) in nearly 13,000 ATMs in South Korea. This is a big step forward by Litecoin.

The ability to access cash through Litecoin using ATMs is indeed a breakthrough.  Also, in a recent interview, Charlie Lee spoke about his goal for Litecoin as being the installation of many ATMs, making it easy for people to access cash, thus facilitating mass adoption.  This was one of the major goals for Litecoin utility described by its creator.

LiteCoin Foundation “When Moon” Cards

The Litecoin Foundation released the Trade Card “When Moon.”  This is an exclusive limited edition.  There is 1 per turn.  Play card to get a total of 5 moves on your turn.

Users can get 2 exclusive “when moon” playing cards.  Preorders are accepted of the Crypto_Tycoon_Card game in the Litecoin shop! Only the first 200 orders are entertained due to limited supply.   

Charlie Lee tweeted: “This game is very fun. You can build your own crypto portfolio (including LTC, of course!) and even mine coins to earn block rewards. Looking forward to the limited edition When Moon cards.”