adds Coinbase USDC as Payment Methods; Crypto Joins BUSD, GUSD and USDT

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In the decade that Bitcoin was invented, cryptocurrencies went from being considered as a bane to virtual assets being accepted by a lot of mainstream services. Over the past few months, many services have jumped on the cryptocurrency bandwagon to bring in more users from different fields.

On Friday,, one of the world’s biggest travel booking website announced that they were adding Coinbase’s USD Coin as a payment method for its users. This comes on the back of news that Travala was looking to expand its services to multiple sectors within the industry. 

The addition of another cryptocurrency to Traval’s kitty was net with jubilation by the cryptocurrency industry. Proponents claimed that the world of digital assets was slowly but surely getting the recognition it deserves. With the addition of USDC, the cryptocurrency joins the ranks of BUSD, Gemini Dollar and Tether as forms of payments on the travel booking platform.

Following the announcement, Travala CEO Juan Otero said:

We are delighted to add the stablecoin USD Coin (USDC) asIndustry a preferred payment option on and look forward to USDC holders joining our crypto travel booking community. Stablecoins like USDC bring much-needed stability to cryptocurrencies.”

Travala users in over 230 countries will be able to utilize the presence of USDC and the roster of other cryptocurrencies. The latest addition meant that Travala holds the title for offering the most number of crypto payment options in the travel industry. Travala users will be able to use these cryptocurrencies to book hotels, villas and even 5-star luxury resorts.

The latest update comes a week after Juan Otero was appointed as the company CEO. Otero will be assisted by the company’s former CEO and current Chief Strategy Officer [CSO] Matt Luczynski. Travala has made it a point to create multiple strategic partnerships as the organization believes in creating multiple milestones.

Just recently, Travala had partnered with to create a large ecosystem for travel booking. The tie-up brings over 2 million global accommodations and 28 million listings together into one giant selection pool. According to sources within Travala, the partnership is intended for users to access’s listings as well as the listings from other suppliers.

The USDC integration was one of several updates from Coinbase’s side. The Biran Armstrong led company had donated $1.1 million in USDC into pools that power DeFi applications on Ethereum. This was a sign that Coinbase wanted to focus on all the major altcoins and Bitcoin to cater to the crypto masses.