TronWallet Rolls Out 3.2 Version with Ethereum (ETH) Swaps, Multiple Accounts, and Other Features

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Vladislav Sopov

TronWallet, peer-to-peer crypto exchange ecosystem designed for Tron (TRX) operations announced its 3.2 release with upgraded functionality and interface. What’s new?


Multiple accounts, USD-pegged remittances, seamless Ethereum (ETH) cross-chain swap experience are included in a new release, TronWallet v3.2.

Ethereum comes into play

TronWallet, decentralized cross-chain instrument for nun-custodial token swaps, previously operated only Tron (TRX) and Bitcoin (BTC) blockchains. With the new release, Ethereum (ETH) is also added to this toolkit. Thus, seamless interaction with the most popular dApp hosting and DeFi platform is now enabled for TronWallet users.

Image by Tronwallet

Also, users can send ‘USD-value’ remittances choosing the amount of U.S. Dollars and the token it should be sent with. Finally, seamless user experience is improved by an adjustable network fee for both Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC) blockchains.

TronWallet has just reached a significant milestone by surpassing 190,000 downloads worldwide, with an average of 12k daily active users (DAU) and 50k monthly active users (MAU)

Seamless swaps 

With the new 3.2 release, Ethereum (ETH) swap pairs have also been introduced in TronWallet’s built-in swap tool. The swap pairs available for Ethereum (ETH) are coupled with TRON (TRX), Bitcoin (BTC) and Tether (USDT). In total, there are six pairs: ETH/TRX and TRX/ETH; ETH/BTC and BTC/ETH; ETH/USDT and USDT/ETH.

Image by TronWallet

Also, a simplified feature for creating new wallets and restoring old accounts has been introduced. Now, multiple accounts can be created in one click.

Image by TronWallet

Furthermore, some bugs have been fixed and numerous minor improvements have been added.