Monero (XMR) Getting Stronger with the We Accept Monero Guerilla Marketing Scenario

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For those merchants who are in the lookout for “We Accept Monero” stickers, Monero Outreach clarified that they can print out the files available at “Monero Merchant Resources.”

The current idea of “We Accept Monero” is meant to create a shift in phrasing, thereby creating emphasis on having people think of money in a new way.

The “We accept Money” files were created to help merchants be able to create signs and stickers which announce that the business accepts Monero.  Templates from common sizes are customized to fit client needs.  The vector files are meant to help with making die-cut stickers with 2D laser etching.  The files are released under Creative Commons (CC BY 4.0).

There is also a Monero Point of Sale QR display facilitated for Merchants.  It is available as a table tent creating a countertop display.  Customers will be able to scan the QR code with their Wallet to pay in XMR.

The template can be customized in looks and messages with the help of a local graphic designer or by hiring a designer from the Monero Community.

A customized Monero Address can be created.  A QR code generator can be used to input the customized address to generate the QR code file. Further, “The svg file format is ideal for printing clearly, avoid .jpgs or .pngs where possible.”

The counter display consists of room to write the store process for accepting the XMR.  The template fits “8.5″ x 14 (Legal) paper” made printable for self.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert, tweeted:  “Several merchants have reported that they have been accepting Monero (XMR) for more than a year now.”

Monero (XMR) Guerilla Marketing Scenario

Those who are unfamiliar with the Guerrilla Marketing can follow anything from the conservative to activist approaches. Ambassadors, Advocates, and Activists are considered to be those who can distill the type of people who can do guerilla marketing for Monero.

The marketing focuses on mentioning Guerilla in an interview, introducing Monero into one’s sphere of influence, doing policy work, incorporating Monero in the profession, writing posts on forums and social media, sharing Monero articles and resources with friends and followers on social media.

Further, contributing videos, podcasts, websites, etc.  Advocating for Monero on the air and calling into radio stations. Reaching out to local businesses and to inform them about Monero. Improving toolkits and regularly checking on adoption.