Summer events canceled, postponed cause a ripple effect for businesses | SiouxlandProud | Sioux City, IA

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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – Due to concerns over COVID-19, summer events are being wiped off the calendar here in Siouxland. It’s a measure to help prevent the spread of the virus and follow government mandates.

“Public health measures being in a place, we just didn’t see how we could really provide a safe positive experience at this time,” said Tim Savona, General Manager of the Tyson Event Center and Orpheum Theatre.

Tuesday, the Tyson Events Center and the Orpheum Theatre announcing the annual Big Parade, Mardi Gras Festival, and fireworks display have been postponed. 

“When it’s deemed, you know safe to do so and in a manner that we can do it properly, fun and safe we will be on board to do it,” said Savona.

It’s a trend the organizers for the Downtown LIVE! outdoor concert series was considering. However, after artists and bands began to drop out, the planning committee decided it was best to just cancel the event this year. 

“Sponsorship lining up, we had a lot of things all coming together like usual by March, and then of course this whole thing happens with the COVID, and we had to make this decision which was really tough,” said Downtown LIVE! committee member Brenton Stockton.

Summer events like these normally bring in hundreds of folks from across Siouxland and out of town, an economic boost Sioux City might not receive this year.

“You know, when our events wrapped up, a lot of people wanted to get dinner or go somewhere and have a few drinks,” said Stockton.

“Probably a thousand people in and out each night. It’s going to be a tough one to swallow,” said Rick Flowler, owner of Bergie’s Bar.

After weeks of being shut down due to COVID-19, it’s another hit to Siouxland businesses, as they hoped to bounce back this summer. 

“A lot of income I’m not going to bring in… Hurt business all down the street. Being closed for two and a half months really hurt too. I have a lot of bills stacked up. We’ll just keep fighting. We’ll make it through it but it will be tough,” said Flowler.