Best Bitcoin Wallets to Try

Fibo Quantum

In our generation today, even currencies and monetary value have digital versions. These digital currencies are called cryptocurrencies, and the most popular type of cryptocurrency is bitcoin. Bitcoins can either be transferred, made, or kept online. To keep bitcoins, you will need a bitcoin wallet.

There are tons of bitcoin wallets online, but you need to find the best and reputable one. Remember that bitcoins are still monetary assets. Thus, you need to secure it in a trusted wallet. Here are some of the best bitcoin wallets to use.


This bitcoin wallet is one of the best Bitcoin wallets to use for your cryptocurrencies. If you are looking for a legal, regulated, and licensed bitcoin wallet, Coinbase is the one to get. While there are people who take bitcoin as a business, they can buy and sell bitcoins on Coinbase.

Coinbase is also best to use if you are a US citizen. The FDIC covers US citizens and residents that have USD Coinbase wallet. The FDIC cover feature is the best thing about Coinbase because it can cover financial insurance. The insurance can cover about $250,000. The charges system is also unique in Coinbase compared to others.


If you are looking for a bitcoin wallet company that focuses on personal budget and finance, SoFi is the best one to get. This bitcoin wallet also offers mortgages, student loans, business, personal loans, and other refinancing options. Aside from that, they provide services and consultations for banking and investment.

The best thing about SoFi is that it has tons of tools developed and crafted to keep cryptocurrencies such as bitcoins safe and secure. Users will have the option to keep their wallet safe through two-factor authentication and encryption. All transactions will be made anonymous through SoFi.

Ledger Nano

Recognized to be the first hardware bitcoin wallet in the history of technology, Ledger Nano is genuinely among the most reputable and reliable bitcoin wallets in the market. If you want to bring your bitcoin wallet anywhere you like, the Ledger Nano is a portable hardware wallet made for cryptocurrencies.

You may mistake this hardware bitcoin wallet for a standard USB or flash drive, but do not underestimate the Ledger Nano. It’s in USB form because it can fight off malware, threats, and hacking that may occur to your bitcoin wallet. You can also manage all your bitcoin transactions on this hardware.


If you are looking for a computer-based and online cryptocurrency wallet, Exodus is the one to get. This bitcoin wallet has over 100 digital assets to offer its users. The interface of this wallet is sleek, and it makes it easy for users to check their bitcoins summaries and sales in real-time.

This wallet is also password-encrypted, so it’s not easy for intruders and hackers to get into your account. You may customize the private keys, and even the software does not have access to it. This is a lite bitcoin wallet that you do not have to download. Exodus is a great wallet to keep track of their past transactions.


If you are looking for a highly recommended bitcoin wallet, Blockchain is the best one to get. This has the best record-tracking feature among other bitcoin wallets in the market, and it never disappoints. Each user’s portfolios and transaction records are always accessible for users, and it continuously updates in real-time.

This is also among the best bitcoin wallets because you can download it on any Android and iOS device. You can install it on your phone, laptop, or tablet, and it will be easier for you to check bitcoin market behavior from time to time. The security system of this app is also highly-rated.


When it comes to the real world, your bitcoin wallet can be at a high risk of threats. Thus, you need to find a bitcoin wallet that is secure and safe. Although there is no perfect hardware or software that can keep your bitcoins, make sure to get one that offers the best security.